Government aid we need? energy bill relief

I seriously can’t believe that our government is such a clusterfuck that we can’t even deal with the pending economic depression that is a promise.

It’s absolutely unreal that the two parties can’t come together to create a stimulus package that would help any of us.

I know so many folks who are on the brink of foreclosure on their houses. Many people can’t afford to feed their families right now. It is devastating to realize that we’re in such a dire economic time and there’s no help coming. If you ask me, we don’t need massive checks in the mail… But we do need some kind of energy relief. If you’re anything like my family, you have been using the air conditioning system very heavily for the past few months. It has been excruciatingly hot and humid outside for at least 12 weeks now. We’ve had no choice but to use the central cooling system everyday to keep the indoor air under control. If we want to be able to breathe through the oppressive heat and humidity there’s no choice but to count on our air conditioning unit. This is unfortunate because our energy bills are going to be sky-high. We don’t have the money to even afford food at this point, but we need to pay the energy company to establish a baseline level of comfort in our home. If the government could give us an energy bill stipend to cover the cost of our indoor air handling devices during the pandemic that would be amazing. It’s quite literally the least they could do.


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