Flooding from the leaking faucet disfigured my electric furnace

This modern device would be efficient as it was a heating and air conditioner unit

I travel a lot for labor and right before I was busy to go on a company trip before breaking off for winter, the water supply abruptly went off! Calls to the water corporation confirmed that there was a pipe that had a burst! Because I was used to opening the faucet as there was always water I had opened the faucet in the bathtub and when I realized there was no water, I forgot to close it, i then went on my company trip, when I returned, I was surprised to find my house soaking wet… The first thing I took care of was my electric furnace, then since it was located in the basement, water had drained into the basement and caused the central heating device to short circuit and power off. I called the HVAC tech for assistance and he told me not to switch it on. I then contacted the building director to help get rid of the water from my residence. This was also a good opportunity to have the servicemen perform a gas furnace/heater tune-up on the ductless HVAC at my premises. I had not busy one of these since boiler replacement about numerous years ago. The entire method was soaked with water and the water also disfigured my oil furnace and a space furnace that I kept on the floor in the basement. The experts determined that I needed a modern heating device and best of all a geo heat pump since the modern one was completely destroyed by water. This modern device would be efficient as it was a heating and air conditioner unit. It came with a list of energy saving help tips and a wireless control device gave by the heating corp.


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