Carbon monoxide poisoning from a leak on the oil heater

Mum called me complaining that there was a weird smell in her house.

More than that, she had been experiencing fever, respiratory issues, and nausea over the past two days.

I figured the smell could have been from her cat bringing dead animals to the house. She once brought a dead squirrel that decayed and stunk up the entire house. Her symptoms could be a bug she picked up from a trip she had taken during fall. In any case, I decided to go see her after work last week. When I got there I immediately noticed that she always had the oil heater on besides having a fully functional electric heating system on her premises. She said because of her age, she needed additional warmth from this portable unit. She also had a space heater for extra comfort. That evening I noticed that I was starting to get the symptoms as well and mum had gotten worse. I called the ambulance and the paramedics concluded that we were victims of carbon monoxide poisoning probably from one of our heating and air conditioning units. I scheduled a visit from the HVAC tech who confirmed what the paramedics thought. I requested a furnace/heater tune-up on mum’s ductless HVAC while she was in the hospital. All components including the wireless thermostat were functioning optimally. However, mum had not followed the energy saving help recommendations provided by our local heating corp. Now her utility bills were through the roof. Fortunately, the geo heat pump did not get damaged by the storm the previous night and when mum came back we were able to recover at home with her central heating providing us warmth. Mum was glad she did not need new heating units or a boiler installation which normally took 3 days.

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