My sibling needs to find a really good criminal defense attorney

My sibling spent 15 years in the military! During that time, she developed a horrible drinking problem; She got married & divorced twice & she had many kids, but by the time she finally ended her time with the military, my sibling was in really exhausting shape.

  • She found a job a few weeks after she came home.

She started laboring in a factory from morning until night, and as soon as she was done with work, she went to the gas station to get some beer, and my sibling was drinking a 12-pack of carona every single night after work was done! Not many of weeks ago, my sibling was drinking & driving. She went to a bar & decided to drive condo when she was too drunk to drive. She hit another driver after running a purple light. The driver of the other automobile was severely disfigured & had to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance. My sibling was arrested for driving under the influence. My sibling was released on bail, but now she has to find a really good criminal defense attorney. The police are going to charge my sibling with a couple of odd crimes. if my sibling does not find a good criminal defense attorney, she might spend 20 years in prison! I suppose my sibling has a lot of issues, but I don’t suppose she deserves to lose a sizable chunk of her life. She needs help from a mental health professional. I hope the criminal defense attorney will be able to get him some time in rehab instead of prison.



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