Doing the Heating as well as Air Conditioning for my mini house

It looked like a fad when I first encountered this current lifestyle.

I saw my first mini house on a TV program.

It was intriguing for sure. I loved the idea of these people being able to own a apartment with appliances, Heating as well as Air Conditioning, plumbing as well as the works. They were just doing it in the most scaled down way possible. Again, I initially just thought it was a fad. But the engineering of these tiny homes got better as well as better. It got myself and others to thinking because I was sick of my lake house as well as it’s unreliable heating as well as cooling equipment. I’m single, a teacher as well as would appreciate to own a home. However, traditional homeownership is a non-starter for me. So I easily started to look into building a tiny home. I wasn’t all that interested in building on a trailer as I had a piece of land that I inherited. This freed myself and others up a bit in the design. But I still had to stick with the tiny house idea in order to afford the build. Once I found a design that I could afford, it was time to just do it. The house didn’t take all that long to build. The design is perfect for many people as well as fits my life no problem. I also loved the current mini split ductless Heating as well as Air Conditioning that went into my home. It’s easily the perfect heating system as well as cooling system for the space. The ductless heat pump provides incredible heating as well as cooling to my current home. And it does so for so much less in costs than a traditional Heating as well as Air Conditioning unit.


Heating and air conditioning system