Don’t forget the air conditioning

Where we live, our HVAC concerns are all about heating.

This is due to the fact that we live at the northern most reaches of our country.

Winter is long, cold and dark in these parts. But with some planning and a bit of preparation, the winter can be readily handled. In our community, most of us have a plan B when it comes to heating. For our house, we enjoy the heating comfort provided by a very efficient and reliable gas furnace. Still, it’s really important to be prepared if we are out of power for any length of time. That’s why there is a plan B for a heater. Our auxiliary heater is a wood stove. And we use it to sort of offset the heating costs for the gas furnace as well. That said, it does take a lot of work to make sure there is wood for the stove and that is a year round process. Of course, I also make sure that we get proper heating maintenance from the HVAC professionals at the HVAC company. But this year, we have an added thing to consider. As a surprise for my wife, I had a central air conditioner installed. She loves it. And that’s great because she is a bit heat sensitive and the window a/c unit just was no longer cutting it. However, I know have an HVAC cabinet to protect from the winter elements. I guess I’ll find or build some sort of cover to keep the weight of the ice and snow off the HVAC fan and other components.



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