HVAC panic averted

There are times throughout each year when I feel a sense of panic over something that I have completely forgotten about.

Fortunately, that has applied to leaving a kid somewhere or anything like that.

Still, I hate that feeling I get when it suddenly dawns on me that I forgot something essential. When that happens, there is no amount of air conditioning that could be blown directly on me to stop me from sweating. It’s like the thought dawns on me, my stomach drops and then it’s all panic sweat from there. I recently experienced these feelings over our new HVAC. Almost two years ago, the HVAC technician who works on our HVAC equipment let us know that we were close to needing to replace the HVAC unit. This wasn’t a shock as we knew that the heating and cooling equipment was over 20 years old. We had started saving for the new HVAC system prior to the new from the HVAC technician. Once we met with the HVAC contractor and chose a new model, we were good to go. The old HVAC did finally fail and we were able to get the new HVAC installed about 2 months ago. It’s wonderful and the best air conditioning I have ever owned. The panic set in when I realized that I hadn’t registered the warranty with the HVAC factory. I found the HVAC paperwork and made a frantic call to the factory. Again, I was panic sweating and close to fully freaking out if the warranty on the HVAC was now void. The lady on the other end calmly told me that my wife had registered the HVAC equipment the day after installation.
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