My oil furnace works too well on the top floor

I love the oil furnace that I have in our house, however our oil furnace does not work legitimately well throughout our entire house; Sure, the oil furnace does keep everything in our condo warm, however the oil furnace keeps the top floor of our condo too warm, and it makes the top floor uncomfortable.

  • Unluckyly, all of the living rooms in our condo are on the top floor, so it makes it legitimately strenuous to be comfortable at our condo with the oil furnace, and the oil furnace also makes it legitimately hard to sleep, but let me explain to you exactly why I do not love the oil furnace at our house.

The oil furnace is a legitimately reliable oil furnace, however for some reason, it does not heat our condo evenly. The oil furnace does a good task of heating the first floor of our house. The floor with the washroom and the dining room gets a lot of heat from the oil furnace, and the temperatures are consistent because the control equipment is on the first floor. The basement is pretty freezing even though the oil furnace is located in the basement, however it isn’t a immense deal because I only keep tools in the basement. The worst part about the oil furnace is that it makes the temperatures on the top floor think 10 degrees warmer. I guess that heat rises to the top, however for some reason, the top floor of our condo is so much warmer than the usual temperature. I have no plan if the HVAC worker messed up something, but I certainly do not love it. I truthfully wish that the HVAC business would repair it.
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