My office was getting heating and A/C.

I have been using the spare dining room for a new kitchen for more than nine years now. Every winter, I drag our computer out of the office and put it on the dining room bar so I can work without freezing to death. When the weather warms up enough that I can be comfortable again, I transport back to our office. When Summer arrives and the sun beats in through the window, warming the room up into the nineties, I once again drag our computer out into the dining room. I was exhausted of this game and I was now complaining. Every Wintertide I would beg him to put some kind of heating into that room so I could work comfortably and efficiently. He would just growl at me. Every Summer I would complain about how sizzling it was in that room and how I wanted air conditioning, and he would growl at me. Ten years later, I had found out about a ductless Heating and Air Conditioning system. I found out that 2 people could undoubtedly install a ductless Heating and Air Conditioning system, and I saved the money to purchase one. I talked to our son who was now an Heating and Air Conditioning supplier. He told myself and others which ductless Heating and Air Conditioning plan was best for the space I had. He even told myself and others he would have his neighbor come over, and for just the cost of a steak supper, they would install our ductless Heating and Air Conditioning plan for me. He wanted to suppose what his dad thought, and I growled. He knew what that meant. The weekend our hubby went fishing with his sibling, our office had heating and A/C installed.



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