There is nothing worse than a shared HVAC system.

I was watching a cartoon the other day.

  • They had epitomized all the horror stories I had read about shared HVAC systems.

I was always reading articles about how there was only one thermostat in a large room with many workers. Everyone was trying to take each other out so they could have their own personal setting on the thermostat. I couldn’t imagine anything worse than sharing a HVAC system with only one thermostat. That was until I worked in an office setting. We didn’t have a shared thermostat. The thermostat in this office building was run by the owner of the building. He had the thermostat set so he could save money on the heating and air conditioning. There were many times when the office manager was calling for HVAC repair. When the HVAC tech arrived, he would tell him that there was nothing wrong with the HvAC system. The one time he contacted the building owner, he said the heating was fine, but he didn’t think we needed more heat. He just thought the workers needed to work harder and expend the energy needed to make their own heat. I had never heard of a more miserable person than this. He was probably sitting at home laughing because he was raking in the big bucks while we froze. After a year, our company moved to another building that was owned by someone else. Our office manager told the people who were thinking about taking over the space, how miserly the owner was with the HVAC. They chose to move their operations into another building.

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