We were miserable in the hotel because of the lack of heating

A few years after school was finally over, one of my best pals decided to get married… She invited me to attend the ceremony… I genuinely wanted to be there to support my seasoned friend, so I made plans to go.

My wifey and I took the whole weekend off our jobs so both of us could attend the festivities.

We ended up going to the rehearsal dinner, the ceremony and the reception! During our stay, both of us were able to sleep in a local hotel that was suggested by my friend. I was rather disappointed by the condition of the hotel room. It was rundown a great deal. The exterior obviously had a facelift, but the rooms were seasoned and dirty. I was especially disappointed by the heater machine. It was a frigid weekend with snow on the ground and both of us could not get the heating machine to heat up the room in the least. It never got hotter than 69 degrees, even when I had the temperature control set to 75 degrees. I never grumbled or said a word to my friend about the condition of the hotel or the heater machine. I did not want to ruin her substantial day with a bunch of complaints that did not necessarily matter. My wifey and I did our best to appreciate our time and both of us used an extra blanket on the bed at night. When both of us came home from the weekend away, we honestly were ready to hop into our bed and relax. We completely slept all night and most of the next day. Every one of us were truly thankful to take an extra day off so both of us could recuperate after the incredibly lengthy weekend and drive.



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