The heating equipment in the hotel was horrible

A couple of years after university ended, one of my best friends made the move to get married.

She invited me to attend the wedding ceremony.

I certainly wanted to be there to support my old friend, so I decided to go. My boyfriend plus I took the whole weekend off work so we could attend the festivities. The two of us went to the rehearsal dinner, the wedding ceremony plus the reception. During our stay, we rested in a local hotel that was advocated by my friend. I was brutally disappointed by the condition of the hotel room. It was severely rundown plus dilapidated. The exterior clearly had a facelift, but the rooms were extremely old plus dirty. I was even more disappointed by the heater. It was a frosty weekend with snow on the ground plus we could not get the furnace to actually warm up the room. It never got hotter than 63 degrees, even when I had the thermostat set to 72 degrees. I never complained or said anything to my old pal about the condition of the hotel or the heater equipment. I did not want to ruin her pressing day with a bunch of complaints that did not actually matter. My boyfriend plus I did our best to appreciate our time plus we used an additional blanket on the bed in the evening… When we came home from the weekend away, we honestly were ready to crawl into our bed plus relax. The two of us slept through the whole evening plus most of the next afternoon. The two of us were actually thankful to take an extra afternoon off work so we could actually recover after the long weekend plus strenuous drive.
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