Bees in the ductwork

Last spring, I noticed more bees than usual flying around outside.

  • When I started my annual spring cleaning, I kept coming across bees in the house.

I eventually figured out that they were coming out of the HVAC vents. Since the ductwork is almost entirely concealed inside the walls and ceilings, it’s difficult to investigate. I realized, however, that there was a spot in the living room where I could hear a buzzing sound inside the wall. At that point, the outside temperature was beginning to warm up a little more every day. We were right on the verge of requiring air conditioning. I really didn’t want to turn down the thermostat and blast cold air through the ducts if there were bees living inside. I worried that a swarm of angry bees might come flying out of the vents. I also assumed that there was a buildup of debris within the pipes that would restrict airflow. Any accumulation of contaminants inside of the ductwork causes the air conditioner to work that much harder and increases wear and tear. I’d not only face higher monthly electric bills but a greater risk of system malfunction. I called the HVAC contractor that always handles my air conditioner maintenance and explained the situation. I was told that I first need to hire a professional bee removal company. Once the bees were properly relocated, I could then schedule duct cleaning. Between the cost of the bee removal and the duct cleaning procedure, those bees were rather expensive. They also caused me a great deal of frustration, time and mess.



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