New hire has been great for business

I have never been accused of being “woke”, as the kids call it. Usually I get called a Boomer, although I am too young to be a Baby Boomer. I try to keep current with trends and such, but it gets harder and harder to understand some of them. I may not be a Boomer, but I am getting on in years, and the world is becoming a weird place for me. One thing I can fully invest in is equality for women in the workplace, and I am taking steps to highlight that in my HVAC business. When it came to my attention that I had never once hired a female HVAC tech I decided to remedy that as soon as possible. I ended up talking to several very capable candidates, and hired a young HVAC tech named Katie. Katie lacked experience, mostly because none of the male owned HVAC companies in the area wanted to hire her for anything other than secretarial or custodial work. Because of this, she had something to prove, and I swear to you she outworked every other one of my HVAC techs. She was eager to work, and ready to learn, and her people skills were so good that she ended up getting more upgrades than the guys did. Customers were more comfortable with her, and when she suggested an HVAC service that might help them, people were more likely to buy it! The way this is going, I will need to let a couple of male HVAC techs go so I can hire some additional females.
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