I was frustrated with the entire situation

Instead, I swallowed our pride plus our tongue

I told our son that I would help him with the oil furnace repair as long as he waited until the weekend. I still work full time plus I don’t get apartment from our job until dark. I promised our son that it would be the first thing on our agenda on Friday afternoon. I also offered the youngsters 2 crucial space oil oil furnaces to put in his living room plus the kitchen. I talked to our son on Sunday afternoon. He only had to wait 48 hours to get the oil furnace repair completed for free. I was going to help the kid, but he couldn’t wait. Instead, he decided to call a local heating corporation plus they charged him $139 just to come out to the apartment to deliver him an estimate. They wanted $65 for the new parts that I knew the people I was with and I could find at the hardware store for $17 or $18. My son called myself and others on the iPhone plus he wanted to know if that was a good price. I was definitely frustrated with the entire situation. I cleared our schedule on Friday afternoon, so I could help Dale with the oil furnace. I wanted to tell our son that he was easily wasting his money. I would have come help him on Friday afternoon plus he would have saved $200. Instead, I swallowed our pride plus our tongue. I told our son that it was a sufficient amount of money for the work plus I made an excuse to get off the iPhone. My boy clearly has more money than patience.

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