I lost my wallet on a commercial repair job

I swiftly remembered the last time I saw my card was at the taco chop.

My boss bought everyone a couple of current uniforms yesterday & I wore them all in the start of the wait. When I finally wore the last clean shirt, I grabbed one of the older shirts from the back of the closet. I grabbed a faded pair of pants that would match. I knew the pants had a small hole in the pocket, but I still put my wallet in that pocket. It was safe & secure all afternoon & I used my wallet at lunch to buy a couple of tacos & a bean burrito. When I stopped to buy gas after work, my wallet was missing from my pocket. I evaluated all over the truck, but I could not find it anywhere. I started to panic when I thought about the credit cards, drivers license, & Social Security card in my wallet. I grabbed all of the repair tickets from the afternoon & I started calling all of the customers. I called the bank, the grocery store & the fitness center, because I was servicing the UV air purifiers in those buildings. Every one of us rent UV air purifiers yearly, yearly, or yearly, nobody found the missing wallet, but they all promised to ask around. I had two residential UV air purifier repair calls as well. Neither one of those people saw my wallet either. I swiftly remembered the last time I saw my card was at the taco chop. I decided to call them. Sure enough, someone found my wallet in the bathroom stall. It must have fallen out of my pocket. A kind & good woman found it & offered it to the manager.

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