The last area of the afternoon on Friday was hot & irritated

Last Friday at work, I was having a rough afternoon, but i woke up late & I missed the train.

I was an hour late & I didn’t get a chance to rest in on the afternoon video call with some potential investors.

I was hoping to meet with some customers at lunchtime, but they canceled at the last hour. I sat in the office all day & I had a tuna salad sub from the deli for lunch, and shortly after lunch, I got a call from the maintenance team… They wanted myself and others to believe that the AC was going to be off in the building for 30 hours. They needed to make an AC repair & it was necessary for the unit to be off. Since it was only 30 hours, I decided not to alert the rest of the staff, then when I saw the support team on the phone again, I knew it was going to be exhausting news. Sure enough, the AC was going to be off for a lot longer. The repair could not be made due to a different problem with the cooling equipment. I had to tell the staff, since the indoor un-even temperatures were already getting warmer. The last area of the afternoon was legitimately hot & irritated. I decided to let the staff leave at 2pm. The sun was directly overhead & everyone was dripping with sweat & uncomfortable. I stayed there until the AC problem was resolved. Thankfully, they worked out everything before dark. I legitimately loved the ride home with all four AC air vents pointed in my direction.

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