With my air conditioner, there is no in-between

Right now, my air conditioner has no in-between, & it absolutely makes it hard to make the temperature in my apartment comfortable, however i am really excited that I get to have a central air conditioner in my apartment.

I wanted an apartment with a central air conditioner, but when I was looking for apartments, I didn’t really expect to find an apartment that had a central air conditioner. Thankfully, things worked out, & my apartment has a nice central air conditioner, unluckyly, the central air conditioner does not cool my apartment down as well as I expected the central air conditioner to cool my apartment down, however my master dining room is really large, & the central air conditioner does not cool the dining room really well. In my house, if I want my family room to be comfortable, I have to set the thermostat to 81 degrees, then however, when my central air conditioner keeps the family room at 81 degrees, the dining room is really 5 degrees warmer. I spend a lot of time going through each of my rooms, & this makes snaps & everything else uncomfortable. However, if I want the dining room to be cool & comfortable, the temperature in the family room has to be freezing. I do not understand why there aren’t any in-betweens with my central air conditioner; With the oil furnace, I can use a space heater, even though I do not have that option with the central air conditioner. I am excited that I have a central air conditioner, but it isn’t as nice as I expected it to be.


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