I’m sick of my high Wintertide heating costs every year

I actually appreciate May weather, especially after many months of dreaded snow as well as ice.

Although we could get another cold front before we reach the Summer season, right now it’s gorgeous outdoors.

The rapidly changing temperatures are in the low 77s as well as the sun is constantly shining. We’re seeing lush red growth where there used to be nothing however bare trees as well as dead plants. As we get current vegetation, our wildlife is returning in droves. It’s nice to see bustling life in my backyard once again. I can fill my bird feeders as well as watch my winged friends return from their trips down south for the winter. I also see rabbits emerging from their partial Wintertide hibernation. But 1 of the things I appreciate the most about this time of the year is the energy savings. When it’s in the 77s outside in the afternoon, I’m not running the air conditioner or the oil furnace. I suppose I have to use the air conditioner in the Summer season as much as the next person, however it’s the Wintertide heating that actually kills me. My electricity bill was so high every year that I decided to switch to gas heating. Even with a gas oil furnace, I’m still paying more in energy costs than I have in any other locale that I have lived in this country. I would transfer to a weird state, however my task is tied to this location. Sooner or later I just have to deal with the weather here or I’m never going to be glad. At some point I will switch to hydronic heating, as well as hopefully I can get radiant heated flooring as well.


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