My friend thinks he can use a swamp cooler in a high humidity climate

I have a close friend who has a terrible habit of buying made for TV products when he sees the commercials.

And since you can now buy a lot of these products in select stores, he’s getting them when he goes to a supercenter to purchase groceries.

Back in the mid 2000s there was this product called the Cold Heat soldering iron that supposedly only heated up when the tip made contact with metal or solder. It would lose its heat the second you pulled the tip away and couldn’t burn your skin. It was marketed as portable and safe, but the execution was horrible. The time it took to heat up the tip made it virtually unusable. It was my friend who initially bought this device and he asked me to try it after he struggled to get it to work. In the years since, he hasn’t changed his attitudes even slightly. Recently he bought a device called a personal air cooler. It’s basically a miniature evaporative cooler, which works in dry climates through a water vaporization principle. You take a stream of air made by a fan and you pass it through a medium that is water soaked forcing the water to evaporate in the process. The evaporating water naturally cools the air around the device. These are fantastic in dry environments where the air is desperate for moisture, but in our humid climate there is too much airborne humidity for the effect to take place. He basically bought a glorified paper weight unless he plans on moving to the desert any time soon.