Sometimes I forget to turn the a/c down after making it cold in the house

I’ve been dealing with the flu for the past week and it has been relentless.

I’ve had constant head and body aches that have made it hard to get anything done, let alone even get out of bed.

It has been hard to eat, and when I do I get even more nauseous than I was before I ate. Another difficult symptom that has affected me over the past week has been constant hot and cold flashes. I unexpectedly get affected by them like sudden mood swings. I’ll be watching TV and sitting motionless when all of a sudden I start sweating in my clothing. It’s crazy because an hour later I might get the exact reaction where I start shivering with the same temperature setting on my thermostat. These fluctuating hot and cold flashes were starting to bother me. I had to get up and down from the couch to regularly change the air conditioner thermostat. Since I was getting more hot flashes overall, I was turning the temperature down to 68 on the thermostat. This is fairly cold for indoor environments during the summer, so needless to say I was overworking my central air conditioner. Night after night I was forgetting to turn the temperature back up on the a/c before going to sleep. Some mornings I was so cold from the a/c running all night that I would shiver on my way to the thermostat near the entrance to my kitchen. Thankfully I’m finally over the flu and no longer getting these crazy hot and cold flashes. Hopefully I didn’t deal any lasting damage to the air conditioner.