Looking for new space

I easily do not like trying to find housing, who does? When I signed the lease on our last apartment, I had no idea at the time what kind of nightmare I was getting myself into with this revolving door of terrible owners as well as management companies. I had no method to know there were these property conglomerates that come into house complexes as well as try to manage the facilities as well as residents for whoever is the new owner. Imagine you go out and find a house complex with horrible reviews, especially regarding the property management. You go out of your way to find an odd house complex across town, only to find out that they apparently are managed by the same umbrella corporation. I have found at least several companies in our neighborhood alone where this is applicable and difficult to deal with. My goal right now is to find a private property owner, as well as a brand new affordable furnished residing space. A lot of our furniture is sitting in a storage place on the other side of the country. Even though I moved for work purposes, our current supplier doesn’t seem to offer any short term or long term corporate housing. If I want a more affordable furnished residing space, I have to find it on our own. Unluckily, I might have to raise our living budget if I still want a house that comes furnished, as the chances I’m finding are more extravagant than I expected. I just hope that I can transport out of this hotel as soon as possible before I finally burn through what little money I have left.

Short term office space