I went to a honey farm when I was a young kid

Every one of us have many fond memories of our parents from our childhood.

When my sister started school, I was easily still a small infant.

When everyone of us were seasoned to walk, our mother took myself plus other on locations in the local area. I will easily never forget a time when she took myself plus others to a public beach to see the ocean. The stink of salt immediately hit me in the face plus I remember the distinct sound of every wave crashing into the water. I saw lots of Seagulls flying over the beach plus there were many tiny crabs moving along the Sand by my feet. It was one impressive sight to a tiny child. I appreciated our time there quite a lot plus my mother continued to take myself plus others to the beach every day until school began. One of the very last trips that she took the both of us on was at a local honey farm. My mother read about the honey farm and the newspaper several weeks previously. Every one of us had a chance to sample many weird kinds of Honey with some strange and weird flavors added. Every one of us learned about honey bees plus the way that honey is made. It was one exciting and thrilling trip plus every one of us had a great education about the importance of bees in the environment. It was one Pleasant memory I have of my mother plus myself before the years when I entered kindergarten and stayed in school all day.



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