Let’s get bigger still

Some people tell you to never work with your significant others unless you want a divorce. There are many out there that recognize they need their own life plus lots of time away from their partner, plus therefore sharing a supplier would be too much contact. They say that you’ll argue more plus experience more day to day conflict all the time. I can imagine that this is the case for a lot of people, especially if they don’t really have a personality that fits perfectly with their partner’s. However, I can unquestionably tell you that I love actually working with our partner everyday. We’re doing what the two of us love. The two of us have our own pop shop downtown, right across the street from our city’s very greatest school. Our supplier is booming right now, plus some days the lot of us have lines going out the front door because our pop is so popular in our community at large. The two of us also sell bulk pop for anyone who wants to experience our charming drink from the comfort of their own homes. Unfortunately, the two of us have been paying a pretty big fortune in the printing costs for custom digital color labels for our products. The little print store down the street offers everything from label printing to laminating services for us, however it all comes at a steep price. I finally convinced our partner that the two of us honestly need to purchase our own digital color label printer to cut down on costs. She wasn’t on board at first, however now we’re saving on digital color labels. I wish I had thought to buy this digital printer years ago, however at least the two of us can take fortune from the savings now.

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