I enjoyed the new HVAC technician

My close friend and I rent a condo together so both of us do not have to live in an apartment. However apartment living is a pain, then the walls are paper thin and almost everyone is nosy; I hate dealing with parking and shared amenities, and when our friends and I realized that both of us could afford to rent a more than three living room house, both of us ditched the condo scene for good. We found a good more than three living room condo in a nice village. It’s close to the park, dining, shops, and the market. We have been living in the condo for the past numerous months and recently both of us had to pay for our first repair. We are responsible for making all of the repairs in our condo as long as they do not exceed $300. We had some concerns with the air conditioning, so I called an AC service business, but yesterday, a young woman from the AC service company came to the condo to make the repair. The AC service tech was easily cute and funny. She spent a lot of time making funny jokes. She had a good smile and nice teeth. I was totally enamored with the girl and I didn’t want her to leave before I got her phone number. As soon as she was done repairing the AC, I got the nerve to talk to her. I knew it wasn’t official to ask the AC service tech for her phone number, but I didn’t want her to get away. The girl smiled and wrote her number down on a small piece of paper. She told myself and others to call soon.

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