A lunch mistake

I went over to this mexican cafe for dinner the other day! Believe me, I enjoy mexican food and the more spicy the better! However, I was not prepared for just how spicy the mexican cafe I went to was going to be making their food! Despite the fact that it was all good and I enjoyed the burning sensation, it made me know quite hot! I wanted nothing more than to drink lots of water and get home to our central air conditioning unit.

As a matter of fact, this was so spicy that when I got home I cranked our central air conditioning unit’s control component down to 59 degrees! I am so thrilled that I live alone and don’t have to know about anyone else however myself.

Because if I live with anyone else they would not have stood for me cranking the air conditioning program that cold! I had to keep that control component at 65 degrees for at least a third after I got home. I actually sat under the air vents of the central air conditioning program all of that time until I cooled off pretty nice. I will never go to that mexican cafe again. As good as the food was, my mouth just can’t handle things that spicy. And most of all I do not want to be rushing home after eating out and running to crank our central air conditioning unit! In the long run if I did this all of the time our electric bills would be super high from over finally working the central air conditioning system.


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