Broke our hearts when both of us l acquired out baby has severe pollen irritations

My partner plus I were the happiest parents in the world when both of us had our modern baby daughter.

  • She has been beautiful however both of us were so sad when both of us l acquired she has severe pollen irritations.

She was constantly sneezing all the time, experiencing itchy eyup, plus her nasal passages would be runny or plugged up often, every one of us went to numerous doctors plus they would prescribe odd dust sensitivity medicines for babies. I felt prefer none of these doctors were helpful in the least as none of those medicines were helping. Then eventually I was talking to a friend about the situation with our child plus her brutal pollen irritations; He asked me if I ever thought about getting a powerful whole-house air purifier in our home. I really never thought about it until he mentioned it. He explained how a great whole-house air purifier uses HEPA air filters which work to pull 99.9% of pollutants from the air, plus that included allergens. I thought it was brilliant. I not only went to the HVAC business to have an whole-house air purifier installed, but I also purchased a package of HEPA air filters that would fit our HVAC system. The people at the HVAC business said if I was looking to improve the air quality, it would be great to have the ductwork cleaned as well. This is something else that I never would have thought of, plus so I agreed to have that done, then by the time both of us had our modern whole-house air purifier, HEPA air filter, plus the ductwork system clean, our baby was breathing so much better! After dealing with all these doctors, it was our friend who had the solution for our baby!
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