Not sure why our space heating appliance was not working

My family & I go camping often. It does not necessarily matter if it’s Springtime, summer, or fall, because my family & I are prepared for basically anything. The people I was with and I have camping down to an art. The people I was with and I are able to pack up & go home in less than an hour. The people I was with and I even love to enjoy the Outdoors when it is not very warm outside. The people I was with and I have a genuinely excellent tent that keeps the freezing air outdoors & we use an area heating appliance when it gets extremely frigid outside. The people I was with and I have been using the same area heating appliance for quite a few years. The people I was with and I keep the area heating appliance in the tent supplies, however even though both of us have had the heating appliance for 5 years, we have only used the HVAC appliance a handful of times. That’s why I was so stunned when the machine did not task on demand last weekend. My fiance & I decided to go camping in the state park. It was terribly chilly at night after the sun ended up going down. I wasn’t distraught because we brought the heater appliance along. I obstructed the heating appliance into the electrical outlet & I turned it on. Unluckily, nothing happened when I turned on the heater appliance. I checked the fuse & the breaker & I tried to plug in the furnace in different places around the campground. It was impossible to get the HVAC equipment to pump out hot air. I’m not sure how the machine ended up breaking down, but it does not seem as though it is going to be helpful to us any longer. It’s genuinely time to find something new.


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