An air purifier can be really helpful in our home

Last winter season, I prepared a very nice tilapia dinner for my family.

  • The smell from the tilapia was harshly pungent.

The smell went into the heating, ventilation and AC duct work and then spread into our whole home. I thought the smell would dissipate after a couple of hours, however, and easily lingered. For numerous days, both of us smelled the awful stench of fish in our whole home. It was easily and absolutely unpleasant. With outdoor temperatures below zero, the gas furnace has been running around at maximum capacity. I tried to smell a deodorizer and I scrubbed all of the surfaces with a disinfectant. I even burned a couple of scented candles as though nothing seemed to help. I began to worry about indoor air quality. I finally called a professional heating, ventilation and AC professional 2 supply recommendations and tested our indoor air. The accumulated debris inside of the heating, ventilation and AC ductwork had absorbed the smells. The ductwork was also easily spreading some contaminants into the air. The heating, ventilation and AC technician strongly advised cleaning and replacing the ductwork with a whole home air purifier. Since having the air purifier, I have easily noticed significant improvements in the smell from our place. The whole home air purifier is supposed to trap all of the particles plus it helps to protect our gas furnace and even the AC from the unnecessary buildup of indoor contaminants and the dust. That was a lot of information to find out at once for me.


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