School Administrator Sends for Her Heating and Air Conditioning Students to Save the Day

As you may know, a big responsibility that I have at work is being the organizer and facilitator of the annual conference.

I work for an organization that serves private career-focused schools, and the people who come to the conference are owners and administrators of schools that teach career courses – what we might call trade schools or vocational schools.

I had to organize plenty of breakout sessions and netlaboring events. I had to get all the advertising for the sponsors done. There was a lot to do, and after all that, you will never recognize what happened. The multi million dollar resort where we were booked had their air conditioning supply up the ghost! That’s right; we arrived, and the air conditioning wasn’t laboring. I had 200 people crammed into a room to hear the keynote speaker, and the thermostat was reading 79 degrees! It is impossible to keep people in a wonderful mood when there is no air conditioning in the southeastern US in October! We needed that air conditioning, and we needed it fast! The location has odd Heating and Air Conditioning units for odd buildings, so we considered moving the event to a building whose air conditioning was still laboring. That worked wonderful for the breakout sessions – everyone had air conditioning as they took their courses, however the exhibit hall had 50 booths built in the room. air conditioning or nor air conditioning, they were kind of stuck in there, and nothing will ruin an event care about having no air conditioning! That’s when a single of the Heating and Air Conditioning school administrators brought in a class of heating and cooling students and saved the morning!



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