The only way to do it

Despite the fact that I am in the minority, I am not a fan of remote controlled HVAC devices, but I have seen in recent times a lot of heating and air conditioner equipment that is remote controlled, however that just doesn’t cut it for me.

It all goes back to having a remote controlled ceiling fan that never worked right.

I had so many concerns with that thing I can not even describe. Around the time that it came to a central heating and air conditioner that had a remote control I decided to not deal with it. I told the heating and air conditioner business that was installing the heat and air conditioner system that I was buying that I did not want something with a remote control. I didn’t even want to get a smart control system. That isn’t remote controlled, but it may as well be having everything controlled through a computer app. If I can not adjust and operate a heating and air conditioner or control equipment by hand, I simply do not even want it! I would much rather just have things as they used to be when it comes to our central heating and air conditioner! Call me old or call me an old man, but this is just how it is; My women look at me like I am from mars or something when I tell them I will not screw around with remote controlled central heating and air conditioners. They are quite ecstatic with them, but not me. I will never change and that is just the way it is and always will be!

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