The smell almost rove me out

The employer for a house community where I normally provide tons of HVAC repair services called me on Monday to schedule a repair call for the owner.

The client in house B was complaining about a weird odor coming from the AC.

The third party employer got some information from the client and then she right away called me to immediately schedule the service. About an minute later, I picked up keys to the house and went straight to the second floor to check on my problem. I entirely can tell you, did not expect to find anything out of the blue. As soon as I opened the front door, I could pick up the most bad and excruciating odor coming from inside.I did not have to check on the family AC to understand the odor was coming from an excruciating mold issue. There was an inch of black mold all over the top of the living room, the entryway, and the entire bathroom. It appeared to me as if the AC had been broken for an entirely long time. The mold problem was harshly bad, but the odor from the refrigerator was even worse at that point. The entire living room was filthy with dirty dishes and garbage on the counters. There even was rotten food sitting on the floor and the sink. I did not want to open the heavy door to the fridge, but the worst odor was coming from that very direction. When I opened the door, I saw flies, maggots, and more mold. I left the house and called the employer. I knew she needed to look at the house before I even got started with the repair. That sort of problem only happens when you fully neglect your house for a long time.

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