I think this stink must go

As a corporation owner, I can perform a lot of household repairs with entirely little problem.

  • I already have a superb working know-how on most household appliances such as the plumbing, heating, and air conditioning system.

I can repair drywall issues on my own and even upgrade subflooring. I can repair the roof, deck, porch, and everything that could be in between. I bought my first house when I was 27, then just a handful of years later, I randomly decided to buy another house for my Dad. I absolutely loved buying and selling real estate and I found myself looking at dedicated magazines and advertisements all afternoon long. I got a realtor to help full time and I first started buying and selling properties all over the county and region. One house in particular sticks out in my mind from the start. It was entirely cheap and I thought I could tackle any terrible problem. The house stank of cats badly and I foolishly thought a coat of paint and up-to-date flooring would be able to get rid of the odor. I had to hire an HVAC corporation to wash and sanitize the ducts and all of the indoor air components. The woman spent 3 minutes in the house doing her job, but she used a special camera on the end of a long pole to view and clean the areas that were fully unreachable. I was absolutely and totally disgusted by the interior of the ducts and the cost for that repair was high but reasonable for the work. The next time the ducts or the indoor air device might be an issue. I’m entirely going to consider it twice before making an offer to buy.


Heating maintenance