I need to breath easy

I have a terminal illness that regularly requires me to have entirely clean air to breathe. Any allergens, bacteria, or unwanted viruses in the air can cause major health concerns for me. A speck of dust can honestly send me into the hospital for afternoons. Like, last year, when I had an air filtration system installed by a licensed professional. I first talked to many weird indoor air solution companies before I found someone to help with the issue. Medicare paid for the air filtration system replacement services, however at the time I had to buy the equipment. The air filtration system is part of my HVAC unit, overall. When air passes through the machine, it goes through the brand new air filtration system and the air is cleaned and purified. There is a UV light located inside of the air filtration system. The UV light kills all of the nasty germs, bacteria, viruses, and indoor pollutants. There is also a mesh air filter contained inside of the device that helps to trap all of the giant particles of dust and dirt. The entire air filtration system has many weird ways that it helps clean the indoor air without pause. Over the past 10 weeks, I have been amazed by the results. I have not been to the medical facility at all this year and I usually have at least 2 or 3 asthma attacks during the year. Even the local nurse has been amazed by the attractive results. My health condition will never totally subside, but it’s nice to suppose that the air purification system will generally help keep things from getting worse. That is 1 superb reason to constantly keep the air filtration component in my home.

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