AFU-WHO? Learning about energy ratings

My Dad was apparently spending a ton to heat their home; They were regularly complaining about the cost of fuel in their town.

The average energy bills were 2x higher than other homes in the area, but I was happily using oil to heat my house and I was spending far less than my Dad at that time.

I told my dad that he needed a up-to-date gas furnace for the house, despite the obvious fact that they did not guess that would make any difference, my dad called the heating supplier whenever they offered a free energy check appointment, however during the repair appointment, my Dad finally found out that 1 major reason why the bills were so high was due to the super low AFUE rating of the gas furnace. It was only rated around 73% efficient, since the central gas furnace was old, it wasn’t upgraded with the latest technology to help save a ton of money. The gas furnace in my house has a 95% AFUE rating, so I definitely knew my Dad needed to upgrade the heating equipment. The HVAC repair supplier in town provided my parents a superb deal on a newer gas furnace and they rapidly installed the device the following afternoon. They saved 10% off by scheduling the repair during the same exact month as the evaluation. My parents also acquired a huge rebate from the electric supplier since the up-to-date device will save energy over time. I guess that is 1 superb reason to upgrade the heating appliance. I hope my parents will continually be gleeful with the up-to-date heating equipment. It should last up to twenty years if they have the device serviced and cleaned yearly.

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