Possible issues when your furnace of ductwork is noisy

If you have stayed in a home with a furnace or any form of air conditioning unit, then you understand that some noises coming out from the unit are not ordinary.

  • The general natural noise that each HVAC system emits as it runs, and then there are weird, strange noises that indicate an exciting problem or signal that something could soon go wrong with the unit.

In some cases, the fans could be working perfectly, but the noise is too loud. For such a scenario, the air running through the ductwork could be the reason for the unbearable noise. Insulating the ductwork can help minimize such sounds and noises. Besides these, the furnace can also be responsible for the loud and irritating noise. Usually, this happens when the pilot light is not adjusted correctly. It may also occur if the motor ports need some form of lubrication. Issues with the burner and belt may also trigger such a reaction. Identifying specific noises from your furnace is the first step to handling them. Popping or pinging noises often indicate that there is a thermal expansion. Your ductwork could be expanding and contracting when during heating and cooling. Rattling sounds indicate loosened panels that need immediate tightening. When a belt connects the motor to the fan slips, you are likely to hear squealing noises. Fix this by replacing the belts. Grinding sounds should be alarming since they require an HVAC technician who should replace the motors bearings. Assuming any strange noises from your heating and cooling unit can be disastrous. Assuming the strange noises from your heating and cooling unit can be fatal.

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