Oiling the furnace blower in winter extends the lifespan of the furnace

Installing a furnace is one thing, but taking care of this investment is the hardest bit. A new heating unit works perfectly for a specific period before it begins to exhibit issues. No manufacturer creates items to last forever. While furnaces generally have long lifespans, how well it serves you or how long it lasts is entirely dependent on you. Proper maintenance has a lot to do with how well your unit works. Before winter, one of the standard maintenance practices is to oil the blower and ensure everything is clean before the cold season begins. Lubricating the furnace’s blower prolongs its lifespan. While calling an HVAC technician works best, you can save considerable amounts of cash by doing this yourself. First, switch off the power source and remove the access panel. Find where the blower motor is and pull it out of its housing. This may involve a series of unscrewing, so one must be careful not to mix things up. Locate the oil ports on the motor’s shaft and squeeze a few drops into each. When you activate the furnace blower motor, it should run better after the oiling. Such a simple act can improve the working of the furnace in general. If you intend to have the furnace working for as long as possible, then include this in your routine maintenance practices. It is best to oil the furnace’s blower just before winter. The HVAC business expert that will be checking the furnace in readiness for winter can do this for you. Learn how to oil your furnace if you must do it yourself too.