Changing clogged filters to improve the heating capacity of my furnace

There was this one time that my house was freezing at night.

  • While I expected it to be cold since winter, I had an excellent HVAC unit installed two years ago; thus, my heating and cooling unit was fairly new and should be performing correctly.

I must admit that I had grown a little lazy, especially as far as maintenance was concerned. The first year was great since it was new and everything ran smoothly. However, I noted a hitch with the heating come the next winter, which seems to be getting worse as days go by. So I quickly checked how to troubleshoot and got a lot of helpful information. Unfortunately, everything I did on the thermostat did not improve the situation. I carried out all the relevant tests to ascertain that my thermostat was perfectly okay. I had no other option but to call my HVAC technician for assistance. After explaining the situation in my house, his first question was whether I had changed the filters and did that last. That is when it hit me that I had never done that for two years now. With his direction, I quickly checked the filters, and they were clogged and filthy. They were the reasons why my furnace was not performing as it should have. To be fair, not much air passed through them anyway; thus, my HVAC unit worked twice as hard but attained no results. I changed the filters and cleaned the area. In a few hours, the house was warm and cozy, just as when the unit was first installed. From this experience, I learned to always prioritize the maintenance of my HVAC system. I was going to be more vigilant and watchful by setting reminders to have my air conditioning system checked at least once a year.

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