It took visiting a friend to change my approach to furnace maintenance

I planned to surprise a friend one winter weekend and showed up at her house unexpectedly.

  • Of course, I knew she was around because we had been talking for ages now.

She longed to see me but was afraid that the harsh weather would not allow us to meet any time soon. My surprise visit was sure to cheer her up because she lived alone and got pretty lonely sometimes. One knocks at the door, and she quickly comes to the door. I cannot explain how ecstatic she felt the moment she saw me. She welcomed me inside, and the first thing I noticed was how warm and cozy her house was. My mind quickly compared the environment in my own home to this, and I knew that something was different. Did I choose the wrong furnace, or what was I doing wrong? After we exchanged pleasantries, I couldn’t hold them anymore. I had to ask about the secret to her perfectly heating system since the house was not only warm but perfectly balanced. Surprisingly, she had the same furnace as mine. The only difference was that she was keen on the maintenance process, and it made the whole difference. Clearly, HVAC technicians do not insist for no reason. My friend went on to explain that she is never late to clean and replace filters. She even sets reminders to help her check the filters and act whenever they needed changing. Besides that, she always monitored her thermostat and replaced batteries at the slightest show of inefficiency. She also told me that her bi-annual maintenance was never delayed. Her go-to HVAC business experts knew this and would always prioritize her because she took her heart repairs and checks seriously.


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