Remedies for uneven home cooling issues

We often hear complaints about uneven temperature spots in our customer’s homes.

A good AC and heating unit is supposed to provide even temperature within a space.

However, there are various factors within the home that can affect even temperature including the age of the unit. Since necessity is the mother of invention, we have come up with a few ways to solve this problem. If you turn on your unit and discover the first flow cold and chilly while the temperature on the ground floor is scorching, then you’ll realize something is wrong. One problem that would cause uneven cooling within your home would be blocked air ducts which limit airflow. If the vents are dirty, you can contact a cooling representative to clean the vents. In order to solve the uneven temperature issue, you could use your digital thermostat to switch the fan from ‘auto’ to ‘on’. When set on, the central air conditioning continuously circulates the air in your home to help even out the temperatures. When set on auto, the HVAC unit will only run when prompted to do so. It is wise to check for leaks on the vents as the leaks will bleed off air meant for another space. The cooling industry has manufactured quality HVAC equipment such as the zoned systems that help even out temperatures. Cleaning the washable filter will not only promote airflow but also provide air purification help to the homeowner that they will not need an indoor air cleaning system. Even a new contractor from a local business will tell you that the most important thing is adhering to a strict regular HVAC service plan which will ensure even temperatures all through the entire house.
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