Low-cost ways to improve the efficiency of your central air conditioning

Energy bills can make over half of our total utility expenses.

This makes using an AC and heating unit the largest energy expense for a typical home.

With warmer weather on the horizon, here are some tips to improve the efficiency of your AC unit in your home to help you get the most from your unit while controlling your expenses. One tip is to clean your outdoor condenser unit. Now your AC unit will work more efficiently if your condenser is free from dirt and debris. You can do this yourself or contact a cooling representative to handle it. To improve the efficiency of your central air conditioning unit, you can vacuum the air ducts and keep them unblocked by furniture, blinds, and toys. Another low-cost tip would be to increase the temperature using a digital thermostat, keeping it low during the winter and up in the summer. A programmable controller can help set customized temperatures which help save energy. When you keep your blinds closed during the day, it helps keep the heat inside and thus the HVAC system does not strain while cooling your home thus saving on energy. A clean washable filter will allow airflow, therefore, allowing the indoor air cleaning system to work optimally saving energy and preserving the quality HVAC equipment. An efficient unit with a regularly prepared HVAC service plan provides air purification help to homeowners. We recommend informing the new contractors of issues with your unit when you contact the local business to save on the time used to fix it. Understanding the cooling industry and the different parts of your system as well as keeping it running efficiently will save you a lot on your energy bills and keep it in good conditions all through the seasons.



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