Adding comfort to a rather classic home with new heating appliances

The Gordons had always wanted the house by the beautiful mountains.

It had a backyard fit for a president that included well-manicured lawns and a view to die for.

Unfortunately, the house was occupied by an elderly woman. However, when the house became available early last year, the Gordons made their move. Built 50 years ago, the house was not in the best shape. It needed new plumbing as well as a new heating and cooling system in order to increase indoor comfort. Since it was winter, the house felt extremely drafty and the quality heating and air conditioning was nothing to be desired. The previous owner had not done any heat pump service on her propane boiler for close to 2 years. The Gordons contacted the local service provider which was also where I worked as an a/c professional. The first thing my team and I did was to replace the entire HVAC system. We got a new air conditioning unit with 16 SEER ratings and new heating units. Since the house was a three-story building, we opted for a zoned HVAC system and so had to do the ductwork sealing. Because of the zoned system, we also purchased a programmable thermostat to ensure each floor and each room got the right temperature control. For the air quality systems, we opted for a HEPA air filter for maximum air filtration. The job took 3 full days, but in the end, the Gordons were very happy and satisfied by the indoor comfort of their new home. To maintain this comfort, we advised the Gordons to ensure they scheduled regular home services especially during the fall and spring seasons. A follow-up call to the Gordons a month later revealed that they fully enjoyed their new home.

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