It wasn’t very difficult for me to find the secret to happiness

When I was a kid, I always thought that happiness would be becoming rich and famous.

Having seen numerous documentaries over the years about celebrities’ lives that have fallen apart, I realize that is not the secret to happiness at all.

It’s great because I managed to find happiness without having to work too hard. I just started a regular career so that I could save money and have a nice home to live in. I met the perfect woman for me and we started a family. I have a great deal of pride when it comes to my kids and I would do anything to protect them. That’s why I got everything they could need when I first learned we were having kids. I had a new HVAC system installed in the house along with a UV air purification system. I did this because I wanted the air quality to be perfect in the house and I didn’t want my children getting sick all of the time. They have grown up to be some amazing kids who are incredibly smart. I can’t believe all the things they are telling me all the time. My son even gets into topics that I don’t even know much about. It’s crazy what the kids learn these days both from school and from watching online videos. My son even looked into how to maintain HVAC systems and do DIY work. He tells me that he wants to be an HVAC technician when he grows up, and I fully support that decision if he wants to do that. I tell you, my family makes me happier than anything else in the world.



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