It feels good when you are able to change somebody’s life

My father used to tell me that you could judge somebody’s character really well by seeing how guilty they feel if they do something wrong.

Some people are like saints who can do no wrong, while others live to make other people feel miserable.

Those who seek to make others miserable are the most miserable people of all. I was able to see what my father meant when I dealt with different peers over the years. I remember when some guys tried to get me to steal from a store. I had no desire to do so and I just said no. Those guys gave me a hard time over the years. They ended up becoming worse and they even stole window A/C units from people’s homes. I never snitched on them, but I figured they would end up getting caught. That’s something I believe in, karma. If you do wrong to people, it’s going to come back to bite you. I knew those kids ended up going to jail when they were older while I went to school to become an HVAC technician. I ended up starting my own HVAC company that was very successful. I couldn’t believe it one day when I caught this guy in my shop trying to steal some tools. When I took a closer look, I saw it was one of those old kids from my younger days. I talked to him and he remembered me. I told the man that I would let him work for me if he quit trying to steal things and learned to not get in trouble. He agreed and he was actually thankful. He still works for me and I even paid for his HVAC schooling. He is now a pretty good HVAC technician and he says that his life has changed thanks to me.


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