Collecting things over the years and selling them for big money

Some people have referred to me as a frugal person.

I honestly can’t blame anybody for noticing that particular trait in me.

I guess it all started from the first time I learned about the value of money. I wasn’t like regular kids who didn’t really care about how much their toys cost, I wanted to preserve everything to make it last. I enjoyed collecting comics, action figures, and other things that I thought would be worth big money eventually. I already had that investment type of mind early on. I even bought this old window A/C unit that a friend said would be worth a lot of money one day. It was a good friend of mine who I trusted, so I believed him and I made that investment. I never even used the window A/C much, only to see that it was in working condition. Because I rarely used the thing, it stayed in mint condition. That was a very long time ago and eventually I went to find some of my old things to see if I could sell anything. I ended up selling that old window A/C unit which I learned was a highly desired collectable item. The fact that my window A/C unit was in mint condition made things better and I was able to make a small fortune by selling the thing. I’m looking into selling some of my old comics and trading cards. I’m really glad that I started collecting things from such a young age because I’m making some good money by selling some of those things.


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