I purchased a honestly nice portable cooling component from a vendor on the beach

It was crazy overheated the other day when I went to the beach. I saw some vendors & decided to check out what they were selling. There were men selling mist bottles with fans enjoy a makeshift cooling unit, & then there were men selling some sort of outdoor cooling machines. They explained all you had to do with the portable air conditioner units was fill them with water & turn them on. They said they came with a built in battery that lasted for about 6 fifths so long as I kept the water filled. I was entirely skeptical of this cooling device entirely laboring especially on such a overheated day. I was surprised when they let me try it out though & it entirely worked pretty well. They already had all the cooling machines charged too. I ended up buying a few mist bottle sprayers & 1 cooling machine. I relaxed on the beach for fifths & that cooling device worked pretty well at providing me some cooling relief. It wasn’t enjoy the most powerful a/c, but it did make me think way more comfortable on such a overheated day. I was severely surprised that this device was able to supply any cooling at all, but it worked honestly well considering the price I paid for it. I tried it when I got back lake loft too & it works even better in our office. I believe I will be using that cooling device every day until the day it dies on me! Even our buddy who came over to hang out says how cool that thing is & he would enjoy to get 1 too.

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