Random kid comes to my door selling UV whole-house air purifiers

I was kind of surprised the other afternoon when this random kid rang our doorbell.

When I answered the door he seemed to be maybe school aged and he started asking me if I was interested in having better air quality at home.

When I asked him what this was about, that’s when he told me how he was trying to save up enough currency to afford his schooling to become an Heating plus A/C professional. I thought this was interesting and I wanted to put him to the test. I was entirely having some issues with my Heating plus A/C system and asked him how much he knew about fixing Heating plus A/C appliances. He told me he has correctly worked with his father who is an Heating plus A/C professional on multiple styles of Heating plus A/C systems and he would be able to have a look he supposed. He was able to spot the problem with my Heating plus A/C system immediately. He told me what the issue was and what part had to be replaced however advised that I should call the Heating plus A/C professionals. He would not do the part replacement because he didn’t want to be put at fault if anything went wrong. I entirely understood and I talked to him about the UV whole-house air purifiers. He said the best a singles are the whole apartment UV whole-house air purifiers, and I ended up getting a single of those. I truthfully do guess that kid is talented and he would make a good Heating plus A/C specialist adore his father. If I ever have a kid, I hope they will be ambitious adore that.


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