Methods of finding a refrigerant leak

When you understand the potential of what a refrigerant leak can do to your HVAC unit, then you will be on the lookout for such leaks as soon as you suspect them.

The first thing is to find out potential locations that these leaks are likely to occur.

Once you know the different areas and what could trigger the coolant to leak, you should determine the technique needed to locate the leak. You should attempt to find the leaks before inviting an HVAC technician to take a look. Some of the techniques used by professional HVAC business experts are more expensive than others. If you can afford to go for a thorough check technique, then invest in it since it will detect even the smallest of leaks and quickly help fix them. The first method would be using an electronic refrigerant leak detector. Alternatively, use an ultraviolet dye which is injected into the system. It will move around and color the areas with the leaks, making them easily detectable. If the two methods are not possible in your case, you need to be more observant and look for oil near and around the refrigerant lines, as this depicts areas with leaks. It is also possible to hear the leaks, especially if the environment is quiet and tranquil. Once you find the areas with such leaks, proceed to fix them. It is advisable to work with a professional HVAC assistant at this stage because refrigerants are not the safest things to handle. This is never an easy decision to take. However, it has to be done if you are to save money.


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