I got a promotion plus every one of us had to move

I got a promotion with my job plus every one of us ended up having to move! My partner ended up having to stay back at the condo while I went ahead plus moved down to the new job location, however it was a weird situation, however every one of us had to figure out how to make it work for a little while, even though every one of us didn’t entirely enjoy being separated for that long of a phase of time, all of us just needed to figure out what to do about the condo situation because every one of us had to get a single condo ready to sell in a single state plus find another condo in the other state where every one of us were moving. My partner was right in the middle of getting our heating plus cooling plan upgraded in the old house, since the oil furnace that every one of us had was ridiculously old. It made weird clanks plus ticking sounds every time the thermostat kicked on during the winter, plus every one of us knew that it would be a stumbling block as far as selling the condo to a new owner. So he decided to stay there plus work with the Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier until all of that was under control. Meanwhile, I was at the new location, trying to find a condo with everything that every one of us wanted, however that included bay windows, a wood burning fireplace, a basement, plus a high efficiency heating plus cooling system. My partner also entirely wanted to find a place that already had a whole home air purification plan built into the Heating plus Air Conditioning system, however that turned out to be impossible to find.


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