My kids have forced myself and others to put a lock on our control unit

Sometimes you have to take extreme measures when it comes to saving currency.

I usually let our kids do pretty much whatever they want, as long as it’s within reason.

I don’t undoubtedly ever hover over them or anything like that. I almost always let them have the run of the loft and so whenever I have to put our foot down about something or other, it always seems to be a undoubtedly sizable deal to them. That’s what happened Last year when I finally had to do something extreme about our heating and cooling system, for the longest time, the kids have been messing around with the settings on our programmable control unit. I keep telling them to leave our temperature settings alone because it messes up our pre programmed control component and I have it set just the way I like it. I want it just like I have the settings programmed so that I can get the most out of our heating and cooling system! However, our kids guess that they suppose better than I do when it comes to just about everything, including the control component settings! They keep raising and lowering the temperature to whatever they guess it should be at any given time and I have completely had it with them. I finally obtained 1 of those locking plastic covers and I put the key on a necklace that I’m never going to take off! I suppose it’s a extreme solution, but I don’t care. I am sick of them changing the control component settings separate from asking myself and others first.

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